Five Tips for Speeding Up Your Point-of-Sale Process

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Rather than having customers wait in long lines to see your cashiers, try speeding up your POS process. By moving customers through the sales process quickly and efficiently, you improve your customer service, and you also save on valuable payroll hours. Here are five ways to make your sales transactions faster: 1. Invest in a POS system that is scaled to your industry. Whether you run a small convenience store, a florist shop, a restaurant or any other type of business, you need a POS system that is scaled to your industry.

1 December 2014

Turn your old gold into new cash!


Do you have any old gold jewellery that you will never wear again tucked away somewhere?  It might have been passed onto by an elderly relative or given to you when fashions were somewhat different.  Do you have any gold coins in a collection you never look at?  If so, you could turn them into cash by selling them to a gold buyer.  It is a simple process.  A gold buyer will weigh your item and test the purity of the gold in it, using either an acid or electronic test.

19 November 2014