Five Tips for Speeding Up Your Point-of-Sale Process

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Rather than having customers wait in long lines to see your cashiers, try speeding up your POS process. By moving customers through the sales process quickly and efficiently, you improve your customer service, and you also save on valuable payroll hours. Here are five ways to make your sales transactions faster:

1. Invest in a POS system that is scaled to your industry.

Whether you run a small convenience store, a florist shop, a restaurant or any other type of business, you need a POS system that is scaled to your industry. A industry-customised POS system offers special buttons that allow your staff to ring up sales quickly with the touch of the button, and you can easily add features, products and fees that represent your particular industry.

2. Look for a POS system that makes special functions easy.

There are times when your cashiers need to void items, provide discounts for damaged items or change prices when price tags disagree with prices in the system. To keep transactions moving along quickly, you need a POS system that makes these functions easy. If you are concerned about security as well as speed, you may also want a system that lets you guard these functions with a special code—that way, only a supervisor or manager with a special code can perform those functions.

3. Accept multiple types of payments.

If you only accept one type of payment, it can reduce the number of sales that you make. It may also slow down your sales process as customers search for the right type of payment at the cashier stand. You want a system that is flexible enough to handle multiple types of payments easily.

4. Have an independent button dedicated to each type of payment.

Ideally, your point of sale system should have buttons devoted to each type of payment (cash, credit card, cheques, vouchers etc). Independent buttons speed up each transaction, and they also make it easier to settle your cash drawer at the end of the work day,

5. Generate itemized receipts.

Conventional cash registers often take a long time to print a receipt, and these receipts typically do not have a lot of information. These truncated receipts can confuse your customers, and your customers may want to ask additional questions to make sure that their receipts are correct. However, if you have a POS system that generates itemized receipts, your clients immediately receive a receipt that tells them exactly what they purchased and the amount.

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1 December 2014

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