Two reasons to shop for vintage items at deceased estates clearance sales

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Whilst vintage items can be purchased at op-shops and auction websites, it's often better to shop for these types of goods at deceased estates' clearance sales instead. Here are two reasons why.

You have a better chance of nabbing a bargain

One good reason to shop for vintage goods at these sales is that you'll have a better chance of nabbing a bargain than you would if you shopped for the same items at an op-shop or an online auction site. This is because it's generally considered acceptable to haggle at these sales. As such, even if you cannot afford a particular item at the price named on its tag, you might be able to get it at a price that's affordable to you, if you engage in some friendly haggling with those who are running the sale. In contrast, haggling is not an option when using auction sites and is usually considered impolite when done in op-shops.

Furthermore, at some deceased estates clearance sales that are being held for several days, the price of the remaining goods will be reduced, day by day, until they are at their least expensive, on the final day of the event. As such, if you are prepared to leave an item you like behind for a day or two, you might be able to buy it at a discount, towards the end of the event (provided no one else purchases it before this).

The reason for this is that those who run these sales are usually happy to haggle and may, in some instances, reduce the cost of certain goods as the event reaches its end, is because their goal is to ensure that most, if not all of the deceased person's items are sold off so that their loved ones don't have to end up disposing of these things instead.

It's easier to find matching items at these events

Another reason to go shopping for vintage items at deceased estates' clearance sales is that you stand a better chance of finding matching items. This is because if the deceased person was, for example, a fan of anything with a sunflower pattern, they may have collected a whole range of sunflower-themed items over their lifetime and all of these matching goods would then be available at the estate clearance sale. As such, if you, too, like sunflower-themed vintage items, you'll have a good chance of picking up multiple treasures with this flower on them at an event of this kind.

Conversely, when a person's items are donated to op-shops, those who run the shops might not put all the matching items on display at once, or those who donate these items might give some of the matching items to multiple op-shops. 

For more information about deceased estates clearance, contact a local professional. 


13 January 2023

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