Different Types of Ear Piercing Jewellery


Ear piercing is a fashionable trend which attracts more people every day. When done professionally, an ear piercing improves the natural appearance of a person and thus boosts self-confidence. There are many types of ear piercings these days, and you can get more than five piercings provided you use the right ear piercing jewellery. This guide will discuss the most common types of ear piercings to help you choose wisely.

1. Ear lobe piercing

It's a conventional type of ear piercing. Many people prefer this piercing to others, and this explains why most children and teenagers in Australia have an ear lobe piercing. Many children receive this piercing while they are still very young.

2. Rook piercing

Unlike the lobe piercing, a rook piercing is quite complicated and requires advanced ear piercing jewellery and skills. During the procedure, the piercer places the hole on the upper part of the ear's interior. The ear is thick at that specific part, and that is why the process can be intense for some people. The outcome is, however, distinguishable and unique. 

3. Industrial piercing

Industrial piercing is a fancy, but rare type of piercing. The piercing requires two holes on the upper part of the ear. One of the holes is located on the back of the ear, while the other one is on the front. Despite there being two holes, they carry a single earring. The main ear piercing jewellery for this piercing is the barbell, which consists of arrows, gemstones and charms. 

4. Transverse lobe

The transverse lobe is ideal for people who want to have a classy look, but do not wish to pierce the cartilage. The piercer places the ear-piercing jewellery on the lobe, which goes horizontally up to the lower part of the ear. After the piercing, you can view two barbell metal ends. 

5. Daith piercing

A daith involves a ring which passes through the most interior cartilage fold. Many people believe that the daith piercing relieves migraines and other anxiety-related symptoms, and thus it is slowly gaining popularity. 

Final remarks

There are many types of ear piercings, but the above are the most common ones. However, not every ear piercing can suit you, and you should therefore understand the most suitable one for you before you commit. When you decide to get a piercing, ask the piercer the type which would go well with your face and ear shape. For best results, ensure that the piercer uses the best ear piercing jewellery and gives you tips on how to take care of the piercing.


17 October 2019

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