Using Colour To Communicate Through Your Bouquets


Throughout the past three decades, an increase in research showing the psychological affect of colour has occurred. Studies have shown that all colours have a positive and negative connotation that alter our psychological mood, emotions, well-being and productivity. With flowers being used to send messages of well-wishes, love and condolences, taking into consideration the affect of colour on emotional response can give your arrangement a boost. Colour can be used to add to your message of your beautifully crafted floral bouquet. Perhaps you just want a little pick-me-up around your own home and want to consider the affects of colour on your own mood.

Shades of Green

There is no doubt that when you leave the city walls behind and venture into nature, something changes within you. Whether or not you are an avid city dweller, green is the most predominant colour visible within the world, aside from blue. Green is a soothing and relaxing colour that eases mental and physical distress due to the natural balance of warm yellow and cool blue tones.

Within religious and cultural aspects, green has been know to associate with regeneration and regrowth, honour and eternal life. Take into consideration the occasion for which you are sending your special bouquet and add a little extra green to signify your intentions.

Shades of Red

It is said that red is the colour of love. Red is a stimulating colour that increases enthusiasm, action and confidence and can be used to focus attention. Culturally and religiously, red is associated with joy, longevity and creativity.

The Colour Purple

A combination of red and blue properties, purple is a colour that uplifts and brings calm to frazzled nerves. A sign of royalty, faith, patience and trust. Perhaps you have a friend that requires a little pick-me-up, or perhaps you have a daughter who could use some cheering up; research shows that purple is the favourite colour of many adolescent girls. Purple may be your colour choice.

The Colour Pink

With the same undertones of red, pink has many of the same psychological affects as red, however, with all little more subtlety. With the ability to bring happiness and nostalgia for the days of childhood. If you know someone who is overworked and under-appreciated, a bouquet of pink flowers may be just what they need to get them through a tough spot.

Shades of Yellow

Yellow encourages communication and stimulates mental processes and happiness; however, Greek cultural beliefs associate yellow with grief, and French cultural beliefs associate yellow with jealousy. You may wish to keep this is mind when choosing yellow in your future bouquets.

Flowers are a beautiful way to send a special message to someone you care for. Colour is all around us and affecting us in ways that we don't even realise. Putting a little extra thought into your floral arrangements may lift your spirits and bring peace back to frantic mindsets. Contact a local florist for more information. 


7 January 2015

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